Your satisfaction and happiness is something that is very important to me. Purchasing a house is a very expensive proposition and that's why I have introduced a Buyers Cash Back Rebate Program, which will allow you to save thousands of dollars, while receiving full services.

How does the cash back work?

Sellers sign a contract with the listing agent. This agreement stipulates how much commission will be paid to the agent bringing the buyer who will purchase the property. I am willing to share portion of the commission with you. Shortly after the transaction closes, you will receive a rebate worth thousands of dollars. That is cash in your pocket, all while receiving full range of services offered by a full service agent and skilled negotiator. 

Services included:

- Obtaining the best possible price and conditions of the purchase

- Carefully screening the properties based on your criteria

- Handling all forms

- Attending showings

- Booking appointments

- Market research, advice and education catered based on your requirements and needs

- Referal of trusted professionals as needed (lawyers, mortgage brokers, movers, home inspectors)

I offer a one stop solution for all your residential real estate needs while putting thousands of dollars into your pocket.

Please contact me for more details.

Recent Cash Backs:
Buyer in Aurora: purchased a townhouse and received $7,775.00 cash back rebate.
Buyer in Angus: purchased a detached house and received $4,338.25 cash back rebate.