Covid-19, Home Owner Relief Summary And Links.

Friday Mar 20th, 2020



I have compiled information regarding options for the home owner who have faced hardship due to this crisis. I will provide links to various financial institutions, cities and other websites and will provide a brief description. All this is new to everyone and I don’t have all the answers, but hope it will make easier for some people looking for help in these difficult times. Don’t be afraid to ask the banks, city or the utility companies to work with you if you have fallen on hard times.

I will update as more info becomes available.

Topics address are as follows:


Property Tax.




Banks are mandated to offer mortgage payment deferral program of up to 6 months.

This will be offered to home owners who have been laid off or who experienced material reduction in income due to the virus, the cases will be reviewed on case by case basis.

During the mortgage deferral program the interest will still be accumulating, you will need to pay the insurance premiums on the mortgage if you have subscribed for it.

The banks may also offer deferral programs for other products such as LOC, Loans, Credit Cards, you may be able to negotiate early redemption of money locked in GIC or similar products.

Below are links to various financial institutions which usually detail who and how to contact, what is available, phone numbers, as well as branch hours as well as other products offered by the banks such as travel insurance etc.

Bank Of Nova Scotia – Covid-19 Program.

CIBC – Covid-19 Contact Info.

Royal Bank – Covid 19 Info.

RBC offers relief via self-serve online for one month.

TD – Covid-19 Info.

BMO - Covid-19 Info.

MCAP – Covid-19 Info.

Equitable Bank – Covid-19 Info.

B2B – Covid 19 Info.

Home Trust – Covid 19 Info.

Dominion Lending Centres has listed phone numbers to many other lending institutions.

First National – Covid-19 Page

Simplii – Covid-19 Info.


Property Taxes.

Number of cities have announced property tax deferral programs, please click on the links for number of cities in and around GTA.

City of Toronto – Covid-19 – extended grace periods.

Mississauga – Covid-19 – 90 days due date deferral.

Brampton – Covid-19 – months deferral.

Other cities have already implemented, or are likely to implement some initiatives, Richmond Hill is currently not charging interest or penalties on late payments.


At this point of time I am not aware of the companies providing relief specifically due to the virus but below are links to major utility companies and their response so far regarding assistance for customers who have a hard time paying their bills.

<span style="font-size:11.5pt;font-family:" letter-spacing:.1pt;mso-fareast-language:en-ca"="" roman";color:#333333;="" new="" "times="" roman";mso-bidi-font-family:"times="">Alectra Utilities – Covid-19 page.

Recognizing the economic uncertainty for customers across the Greater Golden Horseshoe Area associated with the COVID-19 outbreak, Alectra will work with customers to provide flexible payment terms and will not disconnect customers during this time of uncertainty.

Enbridge – Covid-19 page.

Enbridge provides contact information for people in needs:

Enbridge Gas has a long history of working directly with customers who are falling behind on their gas bills, to establish payment plans. Any customer who has concerns about their ability to make their utility payment should contact us at:

  • Homes and businesses formerly served by Union Gas: 1-888-774-3111
  • Homes and businesses formerly served by Enbridge Gas Distribution: 1-877-362-7434

Enmax Utilities – Covid-19 Info Page (Calgary)

Hydro One – Covid-19 page.

Hydro one is ready to work with customers who have a difficulty paying the bills due to the virus, and are offering payment flexibility.

Please contact your utility providers and you are facing with cashflow issues and are not able to make the payments for your utilities.

Please stay safe and take care of each other.

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