Mussleman's Lake GTA's Hidden Gem.

Monday Oct 01st, 2018


Many of us dream of living in the lake community, but think it’s impossible due to work obligations, and the impossible commute from the cottage country.

I have been privileged to live in such community and wouldn’t change it for the world, and the best part is I live in the GTA.

The Mussleman’s lake community is a small settlement concentrated around the lake, the name comes from Peter and Jacob Mussleman, Mennonites who have settled here from Pennsylvania in 1807.

The body of water is a kettle lake formed by retreating glaciers or draining floodwaters. We are part of significant and ecologically sensitive Oak Ridges Moraine, and surrounded by York Region forests dominated by pine trees, creeks and streams, and plentiful farmland. We are a favourite ride-through route for the cyclists from all over the GTA who enjoy the scenery and little traffic of Ninth Line, weekend get-away for families, year round fishing, hiking and nature. I will never forget when one day my friend was coming over for the first time, from her car she called and said: on my left there are horses, on my right there are cows, where am I? Well she was still in the GTA, in our neighbourhood. The best part of all of that is the location, it is hard to believe that a place like this can exist in the GTA, 20 minutes from Markham, just east of Aurora, south east of Newmarket.

I could go on and on trying to describe the beauty of our lake, but pictures are worth a thousand words. Please enjoy the beauty of our community through the eyes of our local artist Roger Carlsen (who was kind enough to let me use his art to express what my words can’t).

Summer is the time for kayaking, swimming and other water related activities.

© Roger Carlsen, All Rights Reserved

Cold winter days are perfect for ice fishing and hockey.

© Roger Carlsen, All Rights Reserved

We are surrounded by the forests.

© Roger Carlsen, All Rights Reserved

Plentiful nature with main roles played by turkey vultures, ospreys, coyotes, turtles and deer just to name a few.

© Roger Carlsen, All Rights Reserved

And the sunsets are here every day.

© Roger Carlsen, All Rights Reserved

Mussleman’s lake has been a hidden gem for a very long time, we love the silent and quiet surroundings, please come and visit, and enjoy everything we love about it, we are just a short drive or bicycle ride away.


For more pictures by Roger Carlsen, please visit this link: 


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