Real estate deals falling though - Greg Weedon Seminar

Sunday Nov 27th, 2022


In this blog we post a seminar by our lawyer of choice Greg Weedon on the subject of the buyers’ real estate contract breaches. The seminar is fairly lengthy at about an hour and twenty minutes, to help navigate the video we have posted topic timeline below and we suggest watching the video along with the summary prepared by Greg and posted here. The seminar is designed for the real estate agents, but we think anyone interested in the process would find it interesting, there are... [read more]

What is an escape clause?

Sunday Jan 22nd, 2023


In the hot real estate market we almost never hear of an escape clause because the properties are often sold in multiple offers situation and without conditions, in the slower markets the escape clause happens more often. The escape clause in not limited to real estate and can happen in any type of contract.  Essentially the escape clause means that a party to a contract can escape or get out of the contract without a penalty. The clause can be used be either buyer or... [read more]

Builders may not be able to squeeze extra money from the buyers.

Monday Jul 24th, 2023


In recent years we have heard of many instances of builders demanding extra money from the purchases of pre-construction residential properties, in many cases the options were to pay thousands of dollars or to terminate the contract. This may not be that easy going forward, in the case of Dhaliwal v Midland homes the judge recently ruled that the builder must honour the original purchase price and is not entitled to any additional funds. In summary Dhaliwal’s purchased a... [read more]

Status certificate inadequately disclosing financial information exempts the buyer from paying $34K special assessment.

Sunday Aug 13th, 2023


A buyer of a condominium was hit with a $34,000 special assessment shortly after purchasing a condominium and the judge ruled the buyer is exempt from paying his share because the possibly of the special assessment wasn’t properly disclosed in the status certificate.   The case of Adam Bruce v Waterloo North Condominium Corporation No. 26, they buyer Adam Bruce purchased a condominium in 2021. The buyer received the status certificate package including the status certificate... [read more]

15 examples of buyers breaching the real estate contracts

Saturday Nov 5th, 2022


As the market has turned in the spring of 2022 unfortunately there were many breached contracts, and as we discussed with a well known and respected real estate litigation lawyer, the number of current cases is unprecedented. These unfortunate cases already have or will go to trial within the next couple of years, here we are listing 15 examples of the cases from the past to illustrate what happens when the buyer breaches the agreement of purchase and sale. Different cases: resale,... [read more]



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