Real estate deals falling though - Greg Weedon Seminar

Sunday Nov 27th, 2022


In this blog we post a seminar by our lawyer of choice Greg Weedon on the subject of the buyers’ real estate contract breaches.

The seminar is fairly lengthy at about an hour and twenty minutes, to help navigate the video we have posted topic timeline below and we suggest watching the video along with the summary prepared by Greg and posted here.

The seminar is designed for the real estate agents, but we think anyone interested in the process would find it interesting, there are many compelling topics such as deposit delivery, chain of breaches damages, estimated legal fees, litigation timelines, summary of judgments…


Introduction by Mark Morris.


Introduction by Greg Weedon.


Part 1: Real Estate Litigation Trends


Part 2: Due Diligence and Prevention.


Part 3: Identifying a Breach.


Part 4: Consequences of a Breach.


Part 5: Litigating a Breach of Agreement.


Questions and Answers.

Big thank you to Mark Morris for organizing it and Greg Weedon for sharing his wisdom with us.



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