Do you know your Toronto house?

Monday Dec 27th, 2021


Many of us live in newer subdivisions, high rise condominiums or areas which were farmer fields not too long ago, but what if you happen to live in an older house in Toronto and would like to find out more of the house history?

City of Toronto put together a neat little website which will help you Find The History Of Your Toronto House. Please start by watching the instructional video to get you started and go from there. The library is not complete, and you won’t find information for every house, yet hopefully yours will be there and you will be able to find when it was built, who lived there, permits issued as well as aerial photographs of the areas, historical maps, various architectural drawings, historic photographs, resources for former municipalities.

Along with finding out the history of your house this website will also be a great help on your journey to explore the architectural history of old Toronto.


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